In addition to their monthly pool payment, higher electrical and chemical bills, gunite or vinyl liner pool owners also save up their cash or use their credit card for renovations and re-linings about every 7-10 years. BUT... fiberglass pool owners enjoy peace of mind knowing their pool will last forever!

Typical Gunite Pool Plaster Resurfacing: $5,500
A property maintained surface of a gunite pool has a life expectancy of 7-10 years. However with each acid wash, a layer of plaster is etched away, making resurfacingthat much sooner.

Typical Vinyl Liner Replacement: $3,100
Well maintained vinyl liners may need to be relined every 4+ years, Adverse pH consitions & strong ultraviolet light, rapidly deteriorate vinyl liners, reducing their life span drastically.

"Fiberglass Pool owners enjoy peace of mind knowing their pool will last forever!"

Fiberglass Resurfacing: $0
Fiberglass pool owners never pay for renovations as long as pool chemistry is properly maintained.


Gunite pool require 8-12 hours of circulation. Dirt hides in pores of plaster, so frequent brushing and vacuuming is required. As the plaster surface ages, the older and rougher the pool gets, the circulation time increases! But, the smooth satin surface of a fiberglass pool has ageless beauty!

Fiberglass pools circulate in just a few hours each day. The satin smooth surface in a fiberglass pool offers little resistance to water movement. Water moves quickly and circulates with fewer hours of pump operation. With no pores in which dirt can settle, fiberglass pools look and stay cleaner too.

Higher electrical costs are rarely calculated into the overall price of a pool, but it should be! You may already cringe when the electric bill arrives each month. Add the electrical demand of a pool pump to this bill it can either make or break your pool budget. Choosing a fiberglass pool won't break your budget!

"Choosing a fiberglass pool won't break your budget!"


The pH value in a fiberglass pool is more stable because no chemical reaction occurs between the surface and the water. Acid is rarely (if ever) used, so chlorine demand is significantly less. A fiberglass pool typically uses about 70% less chemicals each month! AAlgae can only grow on {not in} the surface of the fiberglass pool and is simply wiped off and circulated away.

In a gunite pool, a chemical reaction occurs between the plaster and water, causing alkalinity from the plaster surface to leach out into the water. This reaction constantly raises the pH value. Acid or soda ash plus additional chlorine are used to combat the constant change. Algae that grows from with the pores of the plaster must be removed with muriatic acid. As a cost of $60-$80 per month, pool service companies make a good living maintaining gunite pools.

Most fiberglass pool owners find caring for their pool so easy, that they would NEVER pay $60-$80 per month for pool service! Water chemistry is intimdating enough, without the pool serface compounding the problem. A fiberglass pool is easier to maintain....no degree required!

"A fiberglass pool is easier to maintain....no degree required!"


Here are some facts on the most common misunderstandings about the fiberglass pools.

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